Parish Social Ministry

Thanksgiving Food Drive
Sunday, October 29 through Sunday, November 19
The Thanksgiving Food Drive collection box will be located in the south lobby of the church, or donations may be brought to the Parish Social Ministry office.
Christmas Programs
The Advent Giving Tree
Friday, November 24 through approx. Monday, December 18
The Advent Giving Tree goes up in the south lobby of the church on Friday, November 24. This tree is not decorated with colored balls and garland, but with the needs of adults and children. To give this tree meaning, we ask that everyone come and un-decorate it by taking an ornament and fulfilling the need.  Collection boxes will be located in the south lobby of the church.
Share Christmas
Friday, November 19 through Tuesday, December 12
The annual Share Christmas Program will begin on Friday, November 19. Parishioners “Share Christmas” with families and individuals in need. Donors decide whether to help a family or specific members of a family, or to donate gift cards. If the donors would like to purchase gifts, they are given a Wish List that has been completed by the recipient(s).  This is a wonderful opportunity for family participation!
If you would like more information about these programs, please call the Parish Social Ministry office at 365-2705 or Email