Our Schools

“We consider lay participation in Church life at all levels a gift of the Holy Spirit, given for the common good.” — Called & Gifted for the Third Millennium

Elementary School “Take A Break” Dinner Dance
Each spring the Parent/Teacher Organization holds its annual dinner dance. Elementary school parents and friends are invited for a fun evening of dinner and dancing. This is a major fundraiser for the school and has made possible a new library, science lab, classroom renovations, computers, printers and support for the academic and cultural programs. The main source of support for St. Mary’s Elementary School “Take A Break” Dinner Dance is the journal.

High School Gaels Parents’ Association
The Gaels Parents’ Association has two primary purposes — fundraising and service, and consists of all the parents of St. Mary’s High School students. Membership dues are paid as part of the annual student registration fee and approximately four general meetings are held each year. The Executive Board meets an additional three or four times. Several fundraising events are held, including the annual Ladies’ Night Out with the proceeds being presented to the school.

Fundraising efforts in past years have helped support the extensive renovations of all four science labs, which have been transformed into state-of-the art workrooms. An attempt is made to incorporate a social element into the Gaels, in order to bring members of the St. Mary’s High School family closer together and to give them a sense of “ownership” of the school. The service aspect of the Gaels includes events such as the Sports Awards Dinners, which are held at the end of each of the three sports seasons.

Parish School Parent/Teacher Organization (PTO)
The PTO is an active group responsible for fundraising and social events for the benefit of the elementary school community. All members are encouraged to share their talents in planning and organizing these, which have helped to fund the school library, book room and computer labs, as well as assisting the teachers in the classroom. The PTO is open to all parents or guardians of children in the parish elementary school.

School Advisory Boards
The purpose of the School Advisory Boards is to continue and promulgate the commitment to Catholic education at St. Mary’s School and to give witness to the Christian and moral values within the School and Parish community. The main functions of the Board are to develop, formulate and recommend education policies to the Pastor and promote the implementation of these policies and evaluate their effectiveness. There are typically five general meetings a year and several subcommittee meetings. Members of these committees are appointed by the Pastor.