Family Liturgy Committee and Children’s Liturgy of the Word

Christ’s particular care for children teaches us that they are capable of welcoming God’s call and responding to it. Committee members meet on a monthly basis to work on preparing the environment, the ministers, and the assembly to celebrate the weekly Family Mass and other special liturgical celebrations throughout the year. The emphasis is on preparing a true “family” celebration.

The committee is open to any parishioner, whether or not they have young children, for “We are One Family” in Christ. Committee members are expected to familiarize themselves with the basics of liturgy and celebrating liturgies with children and to collaborate with Religious Education and the Elementary School in preparing liturgies involving those groups throughout the year.

The Children’s Liturgy of the Word (CLOW for short) is celebrated every Sunday from September to June.  Following the Opening Prayer, children in grades 1 through 4 are dismissed to the chapel for their own Liturgy of the Word.  This service follows the exact format as that in the main church, but the language and reflections are geared toward that specific age group.  Lay people lead and give the reflections following training which includes a year of observations of the CLOW and sessions on writing and delivering the reflection.  Others assist as “shepherds” who lead the children to and from the church and keep order in the chapel.