Religious Education Brochure

Passing on Knowledge of the Faith is the work of the whole parish community. It happens in our homes when we pray and interact with family and friends. It happens when we gather as a community for Sunday Mass, devotions, service projects. Formal instruction for children happens in our Faith Formation classes, where catechists, adult members of the parish community, present planned lessons to the children.

Each year we ask members of the parish to volunteer their time and share their wisdom with our children. Those who work at home could volunteer to be a Catechist for our afternoon classes on Tuesday and Thursday. Those who work outside of the home could volunteer for our evening classes on Monday. Many of our catechists work with another adult to team teach a class, so as to share the responsibility of planning lessons. Other adults act as catechist assistants, who are present in the class to help the catechist but do not plan or present lessons. We also need hall monitors, babysitters, and most importantly directors of traffic in the parking lots. Please plan to volunteer in some way this year.