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Saint Mary's CYO Registration Information

Girls' Travel Basketball
Registration is now open for 3rd-8th grade Girls' Travel Basketball through September 7. Evaluations will be held in the first two weeks of September with games beginning the mid-October. Once you have registered and paid, you will receive and E-mail confirmation. More information regarding the season and evaluation times will follow via E-mail.

Season Overview:
- Evaluations will be held during the 1st two weeks of September.
- Games will be played from mid-October through mid-January.
- Playoffs and finals end mid-February.
- 3rd grade girls play an 8-10 game season and travel to other local parishes. The season usually ends by the Christmas break, no playoffs. The travel fee allows the girls intramural play after the season ends. (This runs through early March).
-4th grade girls play a 10 game season and travel to other local parishes.
- 5th-8th grade girls play a 12 game season.

To register for the 2012-13 Church of Saint Mary CYO Travel Basketball Program, please use these links:

Player Registration

Coach Registration

Registration will close September 7.

The program is dependent on volunteers. Please E-mail stmarymanhassetcyo@gmail.com if you wish to help coach in the program.

CYO Coaching
The program is in need of volunteers to coach in the program. If you are interested in coaching, you must complete the Coaches Registration Form, a background check, the CYO Training and VIRTUS Training to be eligible. These are requirements and MUST BE DONE. Please call John Kiggins or Rich Cain at 516.627.0385 with questions.

CYO Coaching Requirements
The CYO of Nassau-Suffolk has mandated that any coach involved in a team representing a parish within the Diocese of Rockville Centre must attend one of the Coach's Sanctioning Workshops held throughout the Diocese. If you are interested in coaching a CYO team, you must attend one of these clinics to be certified and allowed to coach. It is a CYO requirement that any person who coaches from the first grade on, attend a CYO Sanctioning Workshop. Any person who has not attended a workshop will not be permitted to continue to coach.

For more information, please contact CYO Coordinator John Kiggins or Rich Cain at 627-0385.

CYO Policies and Procedures
Conduct— All persons associated with CYO - players, coaches, coordinators, spectators and officials - are expected to conduct themselves in a positive manner which exemplifies the Christian values that should be fostered in our young people. These values include a mutual respect for and consideration of others. Their background should be of the highest moral order and they should receive the unequivocal recommendation of their coordinator and moderator.

Fifth Grade CYO Basketball PracticeThe coach and coordinator are responsible for the behavior of any individual on their roster, as well as for the atmosphere created by parents and spectators. An official may eject from a contest or playing area any participant, coach, coordinator, parent or spectator who displays unsportsmanlike conduct during an event or contest. The ejected individual(s) must leave the playing area immediately and may not return. Note: The playing area shall be defined as any location in sight or sound of the contest. If an unusual location gives rise to any ambiguity, the official’s representation shall prevail.

The Disciplinary Committee will thoroughly review all complaints of inappropriate behavior on the part if players, coaches, spectators or officials, provided:
A) It is received by the CYO office in writing within 72 hours of the event becoming known.B) It is signed or initialed by the parish coordinator for that sport, or the official. C) The Recreation Specialist and /or Program Director may file a complaint within 72 hours of the event. This rule also applies to any inappropriate action or behavior directed towards any CYO employee.

Fifth Grade CYO Volleyball practiceIf it is determined that the behavior in question was abusive or excessive in any manner, those involved may be subject to immediate suspension and/or expulsion from any and all CYO activities for the remainder of that program year, or longer. Notification of such infraction will be sent to the pastor of the parish.

The Discipline Committee may assign lesser penalties to coaches, teams or programs as the reported conduct demands.
Note: Any decision of the Disciplinary Committee may be appealed in writing to the Athletic Committee, a fee of $75 must accompany an appeal or it will not be reviewed. (The $75 is returned if the appeal is successful).