Statement from the Chancellor’s Office

You may be aware from media coverage this past week of the Pennsylvania Grand Jury Report on sexual abuse of minors by Catholic priests that Bishop Barres was referenced in the report stemming from his time as the Bishop of Allentown.  The report accuses Bishop Barres of not dealing decisively with accusations against priests, one priest in particular. To be absolutely clear, what the report presents regarding Bishop Barres is inaccurate and...

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Parish Gala 2014

Parish Gala Photo Gallery

To order prints of these photos, please contact Bob’s One Hour Photo and provide the number of the photo you would like printed. Bob’s is located at 405 Plandome Road, Manhasset, and their phone number is 365-3370.

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Congratulations Rev. Dr. Raphael Soadwah

On Saturday, May 17th, Father Raphael received a Doctor of Ministry degree from Fordham University. In your name we congratulate Father Raphael on his Doctorate. At present Father Raphael is on a trip to Medjugorje, Rome and Germany. He will be returning in mid-June. Then, on August 14th he will be returning home to Ghana to continue serving the Lord and His Holy Church.

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