Student Leadership

Retreat Leaders

In the Junior Retreat Leader program, students learn basic leadership skills, compose effective talks, and learn how tocommunicate with their peers. Juniors are given the opportunity to go on either or both a St. Mary’s Retreat or on an Encounter, both in Esopus, New York. The St. Mary’s Retreat is just for St. Mary’s students; the Encounter hosts students from schools nationwide. Everyone who signs up to be a Retreat Leader is welcome.


Junior Retreat Leaders

The Junior Retreat Leaders program is an introduction to the Senior Retreat Leader program where students apply leadership and communication skills by giving talks to freshmen on topics such as friendships, self-esteem, and study habits, always offering positive feedback and guidance. Retreat leaders meet once a month either before or after school to discuss different topics and pray as a group.


Senior Ambassadors

Senior Ambassadors are a select group of seniors who strive to form a relationship between underclassmen and seniors. Seniors visit underclass homerooms on a weekly basis and share their knowledge about various St. Mary’s events and customs. The encouragement drives freshmen and sophomores to become more involved in the School community.