Gospel Values Curriculum

The Saint Mary’s education is more than just academics. We assist our students in making connections between Catholic social teachings and what they learn in each of their classes. St. Mary’s implements its unique Gospel Values curriculum within the academic core curriculum. Through a four-year education at St. Mary’s High School, students are called to proclaim and live the following Gospel Values which flow from the life and words of Jesus Christ, who came to reveal and proclaim the Gospel message of human dignity, solidarity, justice and peace.


The Gospel Values include: The Sanctity of Life, The Importance of Family and Community, Human Rights and Our Responsibilities, The Preferential Option for the Poor, The Dignity of Work, Solidarity and Care for God’s Creation.


These Gospel Values are central to every St. Mary’s initiative – academic, co-curricular and extracurricular.  They make our School an outstanding model of a Christian community. Immersed in this philosophy, a St. Mary’s graduate is prepared to assume leadership and service roles through lives that give witness to the Gospel.