Lessing’s Food Services Management


A Message from Our Dining Services Partner

Lessing’s has proudly been in the food service management business for 125 years with six generations of operating experience. We currently operate over 70 corporate and educational in-house cafés across the Northeast. We also operate eight restaurants and 13 catering venues with a full off-premise catering operation as well. Currently, we service all educational levels from elementary schools, high schools, colleges, and graduate programs. We look forward to building a strong and long lasting relationship with The Schools of St. Mary. It is through this relationship that we will be able to provide a top quality, dining program for the St. Mary’s community to enjoy for years to come.

We are pleased to announce that we will be working with the Odin Corporation who operates the ‘MyKidsSpending’ portal that was introduced last year. Students that already have an account can continue to use that existing account at the St. Mary’s Cafés. Parents that would like to setup new accounts please go to https://www.mykidsspending.com/CreateAccount.aspx and sign up for the service. This convenient declining balance card system alleviates the burden of students having to carry cash, and also helps speed up the check-out process during the lunch rush.  Parents may deposit funds into their child’s account at any time.   Students will be notified at checkout when their balance falls below $15, at which time parents will also be notified via E-mail.  Participating families will automatically receive monthly statements via E-mail providing account balances and monthly transactions.

Every educational institution has its own unique culture and ethos, our philosophy is to create a dining experience that becomes part of the overall culture of the institutions we serve. When we design our food service plan for our student cafés, we emphasize both social and dining requirements. Students, faculty, and staff should want to use the cafés not only as a place to dine but also as a pleasant environment that encourages socializing. We have learned throughout our years of serving educational institutions that there is not one model that fits all. Our priority is to make sure that we adapt to the environment that our dining services become a part of. At Lessing’s, we work hard to become an integral part of the student’s daily educational routine. By doing this it helps to improve overall customer satisfaction on all levels of the culinary experience. For more information about Lessing’s, please visit www.lessingsfsm.com or download our brochure.