Mr. Krams Stepping Down as AP after 34 Years at St. Mary’s

Mr. Krams Stepping Down as AP after 34 Years at St. Mary’s

When asked what he will possibly do in retirement, he replies, “Practice how to be retired.” Fair enough. As a member of the faculty and administration at St. Mary’s High School for thirty-four years, Mr. Richard (Richie) Krams is retiring at the end of this school year. The departure of our Assistant Principal of Students a.k.a. resident disciplinarian will leave a gaping hole in the personality of Marist Hall, indeed the entire campus.

Exteriorly tough, Mr. Krams has an enormously large heart for the students he disciplines. He says he has achieved the goal he set out to accomplish. Specifically, Mr. Krams says that the objective of his life’s work has been to give students direction, to help them out, to gently guide them as they make their way through the tumultuous years of high school. Mission accomplished.

Born in Woodside, New York, Mr. Krams attended elementary school at St. Sebastian’s and then Mater Christi High School in Astoria. For college, Mr. Krams went to Iona and received a Master’s degree from Manhattan College. He was married at the age of twenty-three to his wife, Gloria. Forty-six years later, they have two children, Caren and James, and two beautiful granddaughters, Ellie and Amelia. He notes that part of his time in retirement will be spent in the apartment he built adjoining to his son’s home in Scarborough, Maine, home, and he will be here on Long Island as well.

Richie is a man of many parts. He remarks that a necessity of a career as a Catholic school educator is alternative sources of income. Every winter for the past fifty years he has been a basketball referee at the high school and college levels. Summers were spent working for a van service driving older ladies to vacation spots in the Catskills. In between, he seemed to find time to coach baseball at his alma mater, Mater Christi, and coach golf at St. Mary’s.

Mr. Krams does not have a face or voice that you forget. In fact, he is identified in places both near and far by students and parents alike – Sorrento, Italy, Ireland, Aruba, to name just a few. Mr. Krams is known to be tough but fair and quickly forgets student’s transgressions if the student is truthful and repentant. He notes that the loss of his own father at a young age gave him the desire to be a presence for students in their youth. That presence has earned him a wonderful reputation that will be missed dearly.

This year, Mr. Krams went to his twenty-fifth prom as member of the St. Mary’s High School staff. His last. Our hope is that he will carry with him the love and gratitude of countless young men and women he has guided along the way. Thank you, Mr. Krams, from the bottom of our hearts. Please come back to visit.

– Sean T. Collins ’77