Gael Force Spirit Week Unites St. Mary’s with Friendly Competitions

Gael Force Spirit Week Unites St. Mary’s with Friendly Competitions

All throughout the year, students have been told that participation in certain school events would earn spirit points— small accolades for working together, giving back, and boosting school morale. These points have a special value: they are added up for Gael Force Spirit Week, a week of friendly rivalry at St. Mary’s where each grade competes in games of athleticism, academia, and extra-curricular talent to decide which graduating class demonstrates the most school spirit! Each competition awards points, and the class with the most points wins.

The students of St. Mary’s are proud to be part of the Gael family, and this school pride is demonstrated in an outstanding way during Spirit Week. This year, the theme of Gael Force Spirit Week was Disney. Each graduating class was assigned a certain Disney park as well as a class color. This theme allowed the students to accessorize and decorate in a way that demonstrated pride in one’s class and express creativity. On each day of Spirit Week, students were allowed to augment their uniform with spirit gear, such as dressing as a Disney character, wearing their class color, or sharing their cultural background on the annual Heritage Day.

After school, the official competitions began. In the gym, representatives from each grade faced off in games of crab soccer, hockey, cage ball, volleyball, scooter relay, and more. The teams with the top two scores competed against each other to determine the final winner for each game. Highlights included the senior win at four-way volleyball, and Isabella Santos ‘21’s winning hockey goal. The final championship games were particularly exciting because the entire school gathered to watch on Thursday and Friday of Spirit Week.

Students challenged each other not only athletically but also academically. Both the Spanish and Italian departments sent student competitors all over campus on engaging scavenger hunts, while the English department played Scattergories. The Mathematics and Science departments tested students’ left-brains with games of analytical skill. Outside of regular academics, Mr. Lindner’s Chess Club crowned Siva Paturi ‘20 the annual grandmaster. Mr. Ilnitzki’s Video Game Club competed in virtual games, with Victoria Bober ‘22 taking the Mario Kart title. Mr. Ilnitzki should have won a prize for his fantastic dance moves while playing “Just Dance” against a few students!

Friday brought the pinnacle of Gael Force Spirit Week as students played musical chairs, egg-toss, and a lip sync battle. Much of the faculty surprised students by “competing” in the lip sync battle themselves! Throughout the last day of competition, the faculty band, comprised of Mr. Kupferman, Mr. Lindner, Mr. Valente, Mr. White, and Mr. Williams, provided a soundtrack of lively, jazzy music. The week ended with the Spirit Dance, where Ms. Mary Cornell announced that the junior Class of 2020 had won Gael Force Spirit Week!

We want to extend a particular thanks to Ms. Cornell, who organizes so much behind the scenes to make each Gael Force Spirit Week possible! Thanks as well to the many faculty members who dedicated their time to making this event one that encourages school solidarity, amicable competition, and fun. All the students who participated worked hard, and everyone should be proud of themselves for their teamwork and dedication! Congratulations again to the Juniors for an impressive win!

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