Class of 2019 Takes On Faculty In Annual Charity Basketball Game

Class of 2019 Takes On Faculty In Annual Charity Basketball Game

On Tuesday, November 20th, the senior Class of 2019 took on members of the St. Mary’s faculty in a game of basketball. This tradition, dating back even before St. Mary’s boys’ and girls’ schools merged in 1992, invites senior students and teachers into a friendly competition, bringing the school together and promoting senior class pride.

With that being said, the senior-faculty basketball game has never been just about hoops. This year as in previous years, attendees of the game pay an admission fee that goes directly to a given charity. This year, the game benefited the American Cancer Society. It is a testimony to the St. Mary’s community that over $1,500 was raised last Tuesday! This giving spirit, rooted in the strong Catholic identity of St. Mary’s that calls us to love and serve our neighbor, has always been the focus of the game, rather than the competition in and of itself.

The final score for the game was 60-53 in the faculty’s favor, a close match in which seniors, athletes and non-athletes alike, went head-to-head with some fierce competition from teachers such as Mr. Panetta, Mr. Welsh, Ms. Kemp, and Mr. Marron. The game was broken into four quarters: two co-ed, with both male and female students and faculty playing, one all-girls quarter, and one all-boys quarter. The big surprise of the evening was the return of the beloved former Dean, Mr. Krams, who retired last year. He returned to referee the game.

Mr. Vincent Gschlecht commended this year’s graduating class for their “oversized spirit.” The students themselves, whether dribbling or spectating, shared extremely positive feedback on the game. Karl Muczynski shared that it was a “fun game which brought the community together.” Smiling, he said he was reminded that “St. Mary’s really is a family.” Caleb Braswell summed up the evening in one word: “joyful.” Alliana Chester shared that she felt the game “boosted morale and brought the entire school an evening of excitement.” John Amico smiled mischievously, remarking, “I had a great time. The senior class really bonded together…to defeat the tyrannical faculty!”

Alas, John– perhaps the Class of 2020 will take back the student victory!

See more pictures from the game here.