Boys Varsity Basketball

Date Day Playing Home/Away Time
12/02/17 Saturday Salesian High School Salesian High School 7:30 PM
12/05/17 Tuesday Monsignor McClancy Monsignor McClancy TBA
12/09/17 Saturday Carey High School Elmont HS 3:00 PM
12/10/17 Sunday Springfield Gardens HS Francis Lewis HS TBA
12/15/17 Friday Bishop Kearney Home TBA
12/19/17 Tuesday The Knox School Home 4:00 PM
01/03/18 Wednesday Chaminade Chaminade TBA
01/06/18 Saturday Holy Cross St. Anthony TBA
01/09/18 Tuesday Kellenberg Home 7:30 PM
01/10/18 Wednesday Floral Park High School Home 6:00 PM
01/12/18 Friday St. John the Baptist St. John the Baptist 7:30 PM
01/13/18 Saturday Campus Magnet Campus Magnet TBA
01/16/18 Tuesday St. Anthony Home 7:30 PM
01/19/18 Friday St. Dominic St. Dominic 7:30 PM
01/23/18 Tuesday Francis Lewis HS Home 5:00 PM
01/26/18 Friday Holy Trinity Holy Trinity 7:30 PM
01/28/18 Sunday TBA Monsignor Scanlan TBA
01/30/18 Tuesday Chaminade Home 7:30 PM
02/01/18 Friday The Knox School The Knox School 4:00 PM
02/06/18 Tuesday Kellenberg Kellenberg 7:30 PM
02/09/18 Friday St. John the Baptist Home 7:30 PM
02/13/18 Tuesday St. Anthony St. Anthony TBA
02/16/18 Friday St. Dominic Home TBA
02/19/18 Monday Holy Trinity Home TBA