Hall of Fame

Hall of Fame Selection Process

Selection Criteria

To be a St. Mary’s High School Hall of Fame honoree, you must meet the following criteria:

  • Be a member of the St. Mary’s High School community (alumnus, faculty, coaches, administration, parents) living or deceased
  • Have achieved a level of success in a chosen field of endeavor, not necessarily one financially remunerative, that would generally or widely be deemed outstanding in terms of accomplishment, and worthy of special recognition by peers, competitors, the media, family, the church or other groups.
  • Personal qualities and achievements evaluated as part of the annual award process for the Hall of Fame may include philanthropy, overcoming challenges, leadership, spirituality and public image.
  • A nominee’s accomplishments must derive from a legitimate business, profession, service, avocation, or other activity readily construable as beneficial to our society.
  • The life of a nominee must be exemplary, respectable, and consistent with both the philosophy and the standard of St. Mary’s High School.
  • The nominee must have graduated from St. Mary’s at least ten years before nomination.

Selection Committee:

This committee will annually select nominees for installation into the St. Mary’s High School Hall of Fame. The chairman of the St. Mary’s High School Hall of Fame Committee will be designated by the Alumni Board and serve at its pleasure. Their role will be to serve as the primary focal point and coordinator of all St. Mary’s High School Hall of Fame business.

Both the selection committee and the Alumni Board should be highly confident of both the willingness and the enthusiasm of the prospective inductee to appear personally and receive St. Mary’s High School Hall of Fame designation.

Induction Ceremony:

Installation of new members of the St. Mary’s HS Hall of Fame will take place annually at an induction ceremony at a site and time to be determined.

Form of Recognition:

Each inductee will be formally recognized at the induction ceremony. He/She will be:

  • Introduced by an appropriate presenter
  • Presented with a St. Mary’s Hall of Fame plaque
  • Given an opportunity to address those assembled with brief remarks
  • Be recognized with a plaque placed in the Hall of Fame display case