Alumni Career Panel Inspires Junior Class of 2020

Alumni Career Panel Inspires Junior Class of 2020

Junior year of high school is usually the year when high school students consider their future career goals. How can they integrate their interests with their strengths? These decisions factor strongly into college decisions, and since junior academic performance is such an important factor for college admissions, these choices weigh heavily on the minds of juniors. Few things are more encouraging than hearing success stories from those who have walked in one’s shoes before, and recently, St. Mary’s junior class of 2020 had the opportunity to hear from a panel of five Gael alumni who were once juniors themselves and are now serving their communities in successful, rewarding careers.

The first panelist was John Beaudette, Class of 1975, who has been the president of MHW Ltd., a national beverage import, distribution, and service company located in Manhasset since 1995, and is a frequent speaker and lecturer at beverage marketing events. The second was Christine Hogan, Class of 1997, who is a transactional attorney and owner of Hogan Law Office, P.C. She serves many businesses, with a particular love for working with non-profit organizations, and lives in Port Washington with her family. The third panelist was Paul Milo, Class of 1968, who is a co-founder of Hyperion, Inc., with more than 40 years of experience in the field of Information Technology. As president of Hyperion, Paul has grown Hyperion into a multidimensional company that operates all over the world. The fourth panelist was Tara Minson, Class of 1995, who also lives locally with her family and has been at the helm of InteleTravel for nearly 12 years as a recognized travel leader, leading talented teams responsible for all areas of travel marketing, communications, and more. The fifth panelist was Brian Tobin, Class of 1986, a firefighter since 1997 who is currently assigned to Rescue 4 in Woodside, and serves as an instructor at the FDNY Technical Rescue School, a coach for boys and girls lacrosse, and a member of his local school board, among other things.

The panelists shared the stories of their career journeys, with many of them acknowledging the unexpected twists and turns that led them to their happiness and success today. They offered advice to the students, from devoting themselves to developing their talents, understanding the vital importance of networking, and ensuring that the work they do benefits others. Towards the end of the presentation, they answered questions from the students, such as college selection, overcoming adversity, and finding good mentors.

Perhaps no more powerful advice was given than on the role of faith in the adult lives of these St. Mary’s alumni. Christine Hogan said “I ask myself, how can God use me to make the world a better place?” Brian Tobin expressed his gratitude to God for his work, “Every day, I come home and look at my kids and my wife, and appreciate what I’ve worked hard for…I’ve spent drives home where I’ve prayed, thanking God I was able to help someone.” Paul Milo opened up about how losing his wife and sister brought him a greater reliance on God, explaining, “It was the faith I had that made it all bearable…I honestly believe it moves mountains.”  Paul credited St. Mary’s for this faith journey: “The most important thing I took out of this school was a moral compass, understanding what’s right and wrong, and that’s especially important in college.” John Beaudette concurred, advising the students to do the same: “The foundation you pick up here will carry with you. Any success you have is granted to you by God…and our faith teaches that we have to give some of that back.”

St. Mary’s is blessed to have such a strong alumni community that is willing to share life lessons, encouragement, and personal witness to the benefits of a Catholic education with our current students. We are thankful to John, Christine, Paul, Tara, and Brian for spending the day with our juniors!   For more photos, check out our gallery here.