International Students

International Student Admissions Information

St. Mary’s High School welcomes international students to join our community. A well-qualified international applicant has a strong academic record, a sufficient English language, and proficiency to perform well in a challenging environment.

International Student Life at St. Mary’s High School
At St. Mary’s High School, students from around the world are integrated into and encouraged to participate in all aspects of School life and learn about the American culture. International students at St. Mary’s High School have the opportunity to further develop their English fluency skills, experience a well-rounded, rigorous, and vast curriculum where they can challenge themselves to perform. Engaging in service, clubs, and activities provides international students with a full immersion experience.

International Support
International students receive support from their individual guidance counselor as well as the Director of International Admissions, who is also serves as the Director of International Student Relations, as well as student mentors. They have support from the moment they arrive on campus and throughout their time at St. Mary’s High School.

At St. Mary’s High School, we offer a challenging curriculum with a variety of Advanced Placement (AP) and Honors level courses. All international students are required to take the School and NYS required courses and Regent Exams.

St. Mary’s High School Curriculum Guide

Application Process

Step 1: Complete and Submit Application Documents.

Application for International Student Admissions

Copy of Passport
Autobiographical Essay

Copies of the official transcripts from a minimum of the last three (3) years of education
*An official school seal or principal’s signature must appear on the copy.
*The Transcript must be translated into English. If translation is required, the translation must be authenticated as a true copy by a Notary Public or similar official.
*Originals will be required upon registration at the high school

Your application will be considered upon receipt.

Step 2: Interview with the Director of International Admissions via Skype or in person.

Setup a Skype account

Step 3: Decision
If the student is accepted, the Office of Admissions will provide a letter of acceptance conditional upon the receipt of the F-1Visa.

Step 4: Submit for the Registration Form and deposit payment
If the applicant is accepted, the $3,600.00 enrollment deposit and registration application are to be submitted accordingly. Once the enrollment deposit and registration application have been received, the I-20 (Student Visa Form) is issued along with the tuition invoice. The applicant will be required to submit medical history, physical, and immunization information) on arrival to the school nurse.

*Please note that students are required by New York State law to submit medical history BEFORE arriving to school.

Office of International Student Admissions
(516) 627-2711 extension: 1128