School Uniform Ordering HERE!

Order your 2019-2020 Flynn & O’Hara uniforms here! The easiest way to order uniforms for next year is through the link above, where you will find our unique school landing page and an invitation to make a Flynn & O’Hara account (encouraged).

An important note on polo shirts for next year: For the 2019/2020 school year, Freshman and sophomores will wear navy polos and juniors and seniors will wear white polos. Women’s shirt sizes medium and up have been added. No long-sleeved polos will be available for purchase next year. In the coming weeks, Mr. Bownes will be selling polos for this upcoming spring. No form is necessary to buy a polo for this spring, but will be needed for next year. All colors will be for sale in the coming weeks. Due to the discontinuation of the royal blue and gray colors and long-sleeved options, these will be sold a discounted price (while supplies last). Navy and white short sleeve polos will be sold at full price. Women sizes will not be available during this time. Women sizes must be ordered with the order form for next year. The current color code of navy polos for freshmen, royal blue polos for sophomores, gray polos for juniors, and white polos for seniors will still be effect until the end of this school year.